A Clip Round The Ear – Groovy Uncle feat. Suzi Chunk (Green Vinyl)


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The 6th album from the Groovy Uncle crew was released in the summer of 2017. Unc’n’Chunk take a trip down someone’s memory lane where many of the songs were inspired by childhood memories, parental anecdotes and characters at the back of the classroom. Released by Trouserphonic Records on GREEN vinyl.

Side 1
Mrs Saywell Says
I Thought It Was About Time
Our Gary’s No Fool
The Moon And Back
I Really Wouldn’t Know How
Oil And Colour Man
Side 2
The Scheme Of Things
Got Up And Gone
Invisible Man
Things I’ve Been Meaning To Say
Above My Station
Now Your Pain Is Over

Recorded at Ranscombe Studios
Produced by Jim Riley
Manufactured in the UK with thanks to Graham Semark at Cyclone Music Productions
Illustration and sleeve artwork by Darryl Hartley