No Man’s An Island


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Album:    No Man’s An Island

Artist:      Groovy Uncle

Label:     Trouserphonic Records

Cat No:   ZIP13 UP

Release: 15/01/23

‘No Man’s An Island’ is the 10th album from Groovy Uncle and the second to have been recorded at songwriter Glenn Prangnell’s home studio. Twelve brand new songs which feature the key ingredients that Groovy Uncle fans have come to expect-catchy melodies, witty lyrics and subject matter with equal amounts of light and shade. Mood music that swings from the quiet introspective tracks to the upbeat toe tappers that will have you dancing around your living room.

 Ably assisted by drummer and percussionist Chuck Sabo (Natalie Imbruglia, Elton John, Roy Orbison, Tom Jones) and violinist Richard Moore (Lost Revellers), Glenn has created an album that deals with feelings of isolation, bewilderment, loss and frustration but is ultimately forward looking, optimistic and uplifting.

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Also available as a download from iTunes and Amazon.

  1. No Man’s An Island
  2. It Never Ends
  3. Beneath
  4. Did You Fail At Life?
  5. When I Get Back On My Feet Again
  6. Every Action Has A Consequence
  7. We Had Holidays
  8. All That Matters
  9. Breathing
  10. It’s Mad If You Ask Me
  11. Self Assembly
  12. Island Dub Mix

Words and Music by Glenn Prangnell © Glenn Prangnell 2023

No Man’s An Island