One Vowel Away From The Truth (CD)


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“One Vowel Away From The Truth” (CD only) -Groovy Uncle feat. Suzi Chunk (Trouserphonic ZIP-1-UP)

“One Vowel Away From The Truth” is the third album from Groovy Uncle and the second to feature Cardiff-based vocalist Suzi Chunk. It is the first to be released on our own label, Trouserphonic. 14 brand new songs written by Glenn Prangnell who shares lead vocal duties with Suzi. The glass mastered CD is presented in a 4 panel, full colour, sealed digi-pak. The first 20 customers will receive a set of four black on yellow badges.


Track list

  1. I Know Where The Sun Shines
  2. Neptune Girl
  3. The Money Shot
  4. When I Saw Love
  5. Memory
  6. Brand New Badge
  7. Ordinary Day
  8. Must Have
  9. November
  10. It’s Not Like Me
  11. Consider It Done
  12. Me And My Fair Weather Friend
  13. I’m Nearly Mad About You
  14. Human Scaffold
One Vowel Away From The Truth (CD)