Searching For The Grown-Ups (Virtual Vinyl)


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Side A

  1. Saturday Morning
  2. Grown-Ups
  3. Cool It Down
  4. He Misses You
  5. Jimmy Joined A Gym
  6. Not Inclined To Do

Side B

  1. Too Tired To Do Stuff
  2. That Sinking Feeling
  3. Start All Over Again
  4. Watch Me Fly
  5. Saturday Afternoon
  6. Gravesend

This is how it might have looked on vinyl, but unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control there will be no vinyl release for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime whilst you are here, we would like to invite you to make a small donation to The Trussell Trust from the money you saved not purchasing the vinyl.

Thank You.

The Trussell Trust : Ways to Give

Here’s a song from 2014 about food banks by local artist Sally Ironmonger . Groovy Uncle afficianados may recognise the harmonica!