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The Vague Ideas – New York Letters

Based on an idea by US musician and writer Mare Rozzelle, New York Letters was originally conceived as a stage play, set during the period 1971-1980 and built around the fictional correspondence of John Lennon. The songs in the play were to be in the form of letters and messages, both to and from John.
The Vague Ideas have created a surprisingly fresh perspective and sonically stunning micro-biopic of John Lennon’s years spent in New York City during the 1970’s.
Mare asked UK based songwriter Glenn Prangnell to write the music for these songs and to chip in with any ideas and suggestions.
The writing process went so well that it was decided to go ahead with putting together an album and think about the play later. And that’s how this album came about.
  • Album title: New York Letters
  • Artist: The Vague Ideas
  • Format: CD Digipack with Tunnel Pocket containing Lyric Sheet.
  • Label: Trouserphonic Records
  • Catalogue Number: ZIP12UP
  • Release Date: 18/6/22
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  • Description:  12 track CD album. All songs written by Glenn Prangnell and Mare Rozzelle.
These twelve original songs are written as a series of letters, notes and messages to and from the people who were important in Lennon’s life. This album will definitely transport you back to the era of solo Lennon with a bit of Beatle-ly bits thrown in for good measure.

New York Letters – Track listing

  1. NYC (Letter to Julia)
  2. I Had to Go (Letter to Cynthia)
  3. Bread and Jam (Letter to Julian)
  4. Always Good to Hear From You (Letter from Mimi)
  5. Nixon’s Listening (Letter to Tricky Dicky)
  6. Prelude to The Lost Weekend
  7. Just Lately (Note to Self)
  8. Imaginary Girl (Letter to Yoko)
  9. My Pile of Dreams (Letter to May)
  10. Somethin’ll Happen (Letter From Paul)
  11. When You Turn Five (Lullaby for Sean)
  12. No More Crying (Message to Paul)


  • Words by Mare Rozzelle
  • Music by Glenn Prangnell
  • “Just Lately” and “Somethin’ll Happen”, Words and Music by Glenn Prangnell
  • Performed by Glenn Prangnell, with
  • Chuck Sabo – Drums
  • Tom Morley – Trumpet
  • Mare Rozzelle – Backing Vocals


  • Anthony Dominello – Technical Assistance
  • Produced by Glenn Prangnell
  • Mastered by Graham Semark at Cyclone Music Productions
  • Artwork and Illustrations by Darryl Hartley
© 2022. Mare Rozzelle, Glenn Prangnell, ASCAP/PRS 2022.

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New York Letters