Life’s A Gift (Yellow Vinyl)


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Originally available on CD only, ‘Life’s A Gift’ was the fifth album from Groovy Uncle released on their very own Trouserphonic Records label in 2015. To mark the band’s 10 years of recordings, the album is now available for the first time on TRANSLUCENT YELLOW VINYL! 

The limited edition of only 125 copies includes download card, sticker, hand numbered lyric sheet (artwork by Darryl Hartley), postcard & poster designed and signed by artist Jonathan Ash.

Each copy is factory sealed.

Track listing

  1. Your Tiny Mind
  2. My Destination
  3. Waiting For You
  4. Life’s A Gift
  5. My Precious Time
  6. Married To The Captain Of The Team
  7. Joni’s Birthday
  8. You Fell For It
  9. Back To Me
  10. This I Can’t Get Away With
  11. It’s What You Do
  12. Tea And Cake
  13. Waiting For You (Glenn Vocal)  *(bonus track CD)
Life’s A Gift (Yellow Vinyl)