Meanwhile Back In Medieval Britain… (CD)


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Recorded at Ranscombe Studios during the glorious summer of 2018, this is the 7th long playing record from Groovy Uncle and the first “co-opererative” effort, songwriting wise. Five of the twelve tracks were written by Andy Morten (“She’ll Never Be Mine”), Jon Barker (“Days Like This”, “You Think Too Much Of Me”) and Darryl Hartley (“Meanwhile Back In Medieval Britain”, “Astronauts”). Darryl also designed the album’s splendid artwork!

Duplicated CD in 4 panel digipack. The first 100 will receive a free sticker!

Trouserphonic Records ZIP-7-UP

Track listing

  1. 20-20 Hindsight (Prangnell)
  2. Jennifer Knows (Prangnell)
  3. Howard Eno (Prangnell)
  4. Days Like This (Barker)
  5. Lie To You (Prangnell)
  6. Good Child (Prangnell)
  7. You Think Too much Of Me (Barker)
  8. It Wasn’t Me, It Was Yesterday (Prangnell)
  9. She’ll Never Be Mine (Morten)
  10. Meanwhile Back In Medieval Britain (Hartley)
  11. Reading Between The Lines (Prangnell)
  12. Astronauts (Hartley)

Wenches, Squires, Minstrels and the generally oppressed:
Glenn Prangnell, Suzi Chunk, Miss Modus, Ani Graves, Rachel Lowrie, Mole Lambert, Nick Rice, Jon Barker, Darryl Hartley, Andy Morten, Anna Jordanous, Tom Morley, Vern Hampton, Paul Jordanous, John Littlefair, Richard Moore, Wolf Howard, Graham Day.

Recorded at Ranscombe Studios
Produced by Jim Riley
Manufactured in the UK with thanks to Graham Semark at Cyclone Music Productions
Illustration and sleeve artwork by Darryl Hartley


Meanwhile Back In Medieval Britain… (CD)