Girl From The Neck Down – Remastered (CD)


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2012 saw the release of the debut solo album from Cardiff based ‘singist’ Suzi Chunk. Released on State Records, all songs are composed and arranged by Groovy Uncle songwriter Glenn Prangnell. Retro style album art by Bruce Brand of Arthole Retrographics.

Track listing

  1. For The Millionth Time
  2. No Stone Unturned
  3. I Can’t Stand Mirrors (And I’m Scared Of Heights)
  4. Wish Away The Moon
  5. Probably Normal
  6. Girl From The Neck Down
  7. Got Any Mantras?
  8. Big Screen
  9. Look Back And Laugh
  10. I Can’t Stop The Rain
  11. It’s Not Your Heartbreak
  12. Got My Eyes On The Prize

Girl From The Neck Down – Remastered (CD)